A Clone of My Own Now - A Rewarding Remote

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A Clone of My Own Now - A Rewarding Remote

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There are some forms of technology that are seldom seen by mankind. Sometimes, such things slip between the cracks of reality and find their way into our own universe, remaining a mystery to the world at large. This story follows one such device, a remote that has the ability to make others exactly like the user in multiple ways. An unsuspecting device otherwise, this remote popped into our reality one day, falling gently onto the sidewalk of a city, where it was found by someone whose life would be changed forever... But whom?

  1. A lonely nerd who wants more friends.
  2. A young girl who wants a big sister like her.
  3. A crabby old woman who despises today's youth.
  4. A fat woman who gets mocked for her weight.
  5. A teen guy who wants to get laid.
  6. A snotty cheerleader who's the most popular girl at school.
  7. A lowly janitor who wishes they had more help.
  8. A vegetarian healthnut who wants others to join their cause.
  9. A conservative Christian who wants to bring more to the house of God.
  10. A vain trophy wife who thinks the world could use more of her.
  11. A trashy redneck who decides to ruin some lives.
  12. A young genius who wants to use the remote for good.
  13. Another option.
  14. More options.
  15. Even More Choices.

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