X-Drama - Something else

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X-Drama - Something else

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Okay, what else ya got?

  1. A Middle Aged Emma is being forced to attend a speed date night a cafe by her daughters
  2. A Middle Aged Emma is trying to get her wife to sign the last papers to finalize their divorce
  3. Headmistress at Xavier's, Emma is upset when her daughters show up with a teenage version of her Ex.
  4. Now living the quiet life on a farm, Emma is bothered when a jet flies down with the woman who killed her husband.
  5. Leader of the Avengers, Emma is on a space mission, spine tingling, sweating up a swamp at the sight of her Ex floating out in space, waving with a smile on her face
  6. Setting her youngest daughter up at her Dorm, Emma gets a surprise while unpacking a box
  7. Having a fling with a massive, middle aged version of Kitty Pride, Emma rests on her lover, hearing a strange sound of disapproval as she dozes off
  8. 25 and Pregnant, Emma is upset Professor Xavier is letting a psychopath like Jean take her to her doctor's appointment
  9. Waking up from a twenty year long comma, Emma finds herself middle aged, with her hand held tightly by her smiling rival in love, Jean Grey
  10. Something else

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