X-Drama - A World where Jean created the Futa gender about ten years prior

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X-Drama - A World where Jean created the Futa gender about ten years prior

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She didn't really mean to do it...it just happened. Emma and Jean had been in a relatively happy relationship since they were fifteen. At twenty-three, they were taking the next step: they wanted a child together. There was only one problem: they were both girls and Jean wanted to physically have a child, not adopt one.

One night, while they were arguing, Jean's powers got out of control. She always had a hard time keeping the Phoenix in check, but sometimes her desires fueled it. She had become so emotional that an overflow was inevitable. Fists raised, tears streaming down her face, Jean wished there weren't any men anymore -- only girls. Girls who could make other girls pregnant.

In a flash, reality reworked itself. Some men transformed into women -- their cocks disappearing completely. Others became members of the new gender: Futa. Some women grew cocks and balls while others remained unchanged.

Emma, who had been standing in front of Jean when she had said those fateful words, was one of the unlucky women...tugging at the seams of her white panties was a large slab of girl meat. Below it, her manly balls had overflowed the tiny g-string, giving the woman a decidedly unnatural look. Behind her newly acquired sack, Emma still had a pussy, that was full equipped to deal with pregnancy. She was just also sporting a cock too.

"Jean?!" Emma screamed.

  1. No one, not even Emma, realizes there's been a change.
  2. No one, except for Emma, realizes there's been a change.
  3. Everyone realizes there's been a change.
  4. something else

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