X-Drama - A World where Jean died twenty years ago

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X-Drama - A World where Jean died twenty years ago

Parent Chapter

(20 years ago)

"Rachel if it's a girl, and Nathan if it's a boy, okay?" A Young Blonde, wearing a new pair of glasses, stated firmly as she puts her newly purchased minivan into drive.

Her wife, a pregant redhead, shakes her head.

"It'll be a girl, Emmy-Bear." Jean Frost rubs her swollen belly softly with her ring finger. "I just know it."

Emma Frost sighs.

"Babe, you do realize we could've known the sex by now."

"I don't need a Doctor to tell me I'm having a beautiful, baby girl."

Emma forces a smiles.

It's been a stressful few months and she can't wait for the pregnancy to end.

Then again, Jean's been 'dropping hints' that she'll be next to carry. And she wants it pretty soon the way she... 'hints'

"I can't wait to be a mommy." Jean smiles.

"Me too." Emma nods. Truth be told, she was kinda forced into parenthood, and marriage... hell, even dating Jean from the start had very, very, very little say from Emma!

Still, she loved Jean... even if she was nuts!

"I love you, Emmy-Bear."

"I love you, too."

Jean pouts.

"How much?"

Emma shrugs.

"A lot?"

Jean frowns.

"How much is a lot?"

<"We're playing this game again, really?"> Emma telepathically scolds while making a left turn.

<"Of course."> Jean giggles. "Now, how much is a lot?"

Once again, Emma sighs.

"Enough to marry the psycho who I found naked in my bed every morning for a year."

Jean awes.

"Yeah. I should do that again."

"You never stopped doing that!" Emma pointed out.

"Yeah, but I use to spoon you while you slept."

Emma shakes her head. She's married to that nut job.

As they entered the parking lot of Jean's lamaze class, Jean grabs Emma by the arm and stares at her intensely.

"What if I died?" Jean asks seriously. "Would you love me enough never to remarry?"
A Plump, Middle Aged Blonde stares at her sparkling blue engagement ring, while holding her old wedding photo with frown on her lightly wrinkled face.

Her eldest daughter is coming home from college for the ceremony, her soon to be youngest will be the flower girl.

As she sits at the end of the bed, her massive body sinking downward, she knows damn well Jean would never have wanted this.

Still, shouldn't it count that marry Lorna would make Emma happy?

She was happy with that sexy green haired woman, she enjoyed her company, wouldn't Jean understand that if she was alive today?

Emma laughs, her paunchy belly quivering like a wave.

"Jean understand? Hah!"

Suddenly, she hears a knock on the door.

"Come in." Emma shouts.

It was...

  1. The Bride to be, Lorna
  2. One of Emma's daughters
  3. Dear God, Jean?!
  4. Someone else

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