Curse Stone - The beginning

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Curse Stone - The beginning

An ordinary looking pebble lays on the ground on a busy street but this pebble is laced with dark magic and unbeknownst to anyone, should they pick up this pebble it would reach into their soul and grant them their hearts desires. Sounds good you might think, but imagine not being able to control your wish, imagine it were pulled out of you regardless of your own internal safe guards, you can't vet your fantasies.rnSo, who finds the pebble?
  1. Sarah, a mid twenties average looking girl who has a deep secret fetish for short guys.
  2. Brian, a good looking guy who harbours a fetish for weight gaining women.
  3. Summer, a high school cheerleader who thinks the whole world owes her something.
  4. Malcom, a middle aged married man who has no idea the dark desires within him.
  5. Vanessa, a big girl envious of the world of what she perceives as skinny bitches looking down their noses at her.
  6. Someone else.
  7. Someone else.

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