X-Drama - Rachel Grey getting back a dna test

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X-Drama - Rachel Grey getting back a dna test

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At Xavier Academy, ran by the bottom heavy, middle aged beauty known as Professor Jean Grey, her 25 year old daughter sits in her room, staring at her laptop with a frazzled look on her face.

"What's the matter, honey?" The redhead, plump and curvy, her red locks in curlers, face in a green mask, asked as she waddled inside the room in pink slippers.

Rachel, a spitting image of Jean in her prime, with a pixie cut, wearing red top and yellow yoga pants, holds a body pillow tightly in her lap while pouting.

"Sweetie?" Jean asks with genunine concern for her eldest daughter.

"Mom, I took a DNA test." Rachel sighed.

"You did?" Jean sits her plump rear on a rolling chair by a desk with a computer atop.

"Natalie and Maddie said it'd be fun and they wouldn't stop baggering me to try it out. So, I did... is there anything you want to tell me, Mom?"

Jean shruggs, avoiding eye contact.

Rachel glares.

"Dad's on there and it's really funny..." Rachel awkwardly laughs, a scowl on her face. "I'm not his daughter!"

Jean coughs, trying to heave her massive form up.

Rachel leaps off the bed an corners her mother.

"But here's where it really gets funny." Rachel shakes her head. "Phoebe Frost, you know Phoebe right?"

Jean has no choice but to nod.

"She's on their, her sister's too. And guess what? I'm also her sister!"

Rachel stomps her foot.

"What the hell, Mom?!" Rachel growls. "Care to explain how I'm both your daughter and Emma Fucking Frost?!"

It five long minutes of awkward silence and it took another twenty to explain herself. Eventually, Rachel was sitting curled up in a corner, a look of disgust on her face, when Jean finally explained that years ago, around the time she was engaged to Scott, Jean and Emma had an affair.

One drunken night, Jean used her Phoenix abilities to give Emma some very special equipment and... well, that's how Rachel was conceived!

"Is that why you divorced Dad?"

"Sort of." Jean frown, a tear in her eye. "I never told Scott about the affair... or Emma."

Rachel raises an eyebrow and another ten minutes pass for Jean to explain she used her powers to trick Emma, who was having an affair with Scott, into thinking she was sleeping with him when in fact it was Jean.

"I use to feel sorry for you." Rachel shook her head. "But now... why would you do that?!"

Jean blushes.

"I... I've always had a thing for blondes."

Rachel gags.

"I'm sorry." Jean sniffs. "But your... you're real father, Emma, I loved her and I wanted to have her baby. You weren't an accident, Rachel, I wanted you."

Rachel laughs.

"Wow! Just... Phoebe, Irma, and Celeste are helping me have a chat with Emma tonight... I think you should come."

Jean shivers. She hadn't seen Emma in years, not since...

  1. Emma moved to Japan with her lover
  2. Emma moved to Genosha with her lover
  3. Emma moved to the west coast chapter of Xavier's as the Headmistress
  4. Something else

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