The Procedure - The Clinic

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The Procedure - The Clinic

The tension was palpable as Carly and her boyfriend Richard sat in the waiting room of the clinic.

It had been around six months since Richard had divulged his fondness for a certain type of woman to a shocked Carly.

"I mean, who wouldn't be happy with having a girlfriend like me?!" she had thought to herself at the time. But as Richard explained himself further she had come around to his way of thinking.

Carly was a catch in most people's thoughts, an attractive 30-year-old brunette with a toned body and a great personality to match, she wouldn't have trouble finding another boyfriend.

She adored Richard and wanted to make his dreams a reality so when they found a clinic that could go through with the procedure they saved for a deposit and finally, today was the day it would happen.

The couple sat holding hands until they were approached by a nurse pushing a wheelchair.

"They're ready for you now Carly if you'd like to come through" she smiled.

Carly turned to Richard, a little apprehensive, as if to seek reassurance.

"Don't worry, I'll be right here when you're done"

Carly took a seat in the wheelchair and was pushed through to an inviting room where she found a jovial man in surgical scrubs.

"Hello again Carly, are you all ready for your....

  1. Age progression procedure? We will make an old lady out of you yet!
  2. Age progression procedure? Middle aged never seemed so close until today!
  3. Age regression procedure? College days are here again!
  4. Bimbofication procedure? No one will be mistaking you for a smart girl anymore!
  5. Unpopularisation procedure? Friends will be dropping you in no time!
  6. Weight gain procedure? There'll soon be more of you to love!
  7. Sorry, I can't remember, what procedure were we doing again?

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