Emma Frost's Punishment - Intro

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Emma Frost's Punishment - Intro

She lays in bed, head resting on the bare, muscular torso of her lover, content after a long night of heated passion. Scott Summer's snores calming her breathing, she enjoys the repeated motion of going up and down ever so lightly. A part of her, admittedly, has anxiety about the affair, but Emma finds one justification after another to continue. What she doesn't realize is that an outside force can no longer allow her actions to continue, will no longer watch the blonde be penetrated again and again, every night and every morning, whenever his wife, Jean Grey, is not around, and has taken it upon itself to punish Emma. As she finally finds rest, her eyes will soon open where...rn
  1. Emma is a middle aged woman, in bed with her wife. (Mind completely unaltered)
  2. Emma is a middle aged woman, in bed with her wife. (Mind completely altered)
  3. Emma is pregnant and alone.
  4. Emma has a bigm meaty cock.
  5. Emma is 100 pounds heavier and alone.
  6. Emma is sleeping a sheetless twin sized mattress in a trailer
  7. Sitting on a couch, with redheaded twin infants resting in her spongy arms
  8. Lying on top of Jean Grey's red bush
  9. Same as eight, expect Jean's got a big sausage!
  10. Something else

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