Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - Avengers

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Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - Avengers

Parent Chapter

Stevie Rogers, known to the world as Ms America, the heroine with long locks of blonde hair, long, slender legs, a cute button nose, and a fist that could break the thickest of skulls, sits in a subway car, her legs atop the lap of her girlfriend of the last six months.

Toni Stark, the Iron Maiden, billionaire transgirl, a shy otaku with a girl love obession, who still gets a little shaken being so close to her girlfriend.

"You're almost as red as your suit, Toni." Stevie giggles, headphones playing a pop song from the sensational hit, Baroness Doom.

Countless eyes were on them, Toni felt so uncomfortable. It was tough enough transitioning, even though it felt right, but being in a relationship with Stevie Rogers of all people? Toni could hardly breathe half the time!

"You okay, sweetie?"

Toni takes her time to nod, a slow nod at that, her puffy lips in a pout, brushing the brunette bangs from her green eyes.

Stevie giggles, lifting herself up, leaning onto the scare heroine, giving her a little public display of affection.

Toni loves feeling Stevie's juicy lips against her own, still, the stares from strangers cheapens the sensation.

"You gotta relax, Iron Babe." Stevie smirks. "I know you're nervous, but you got your Giggle But by your side."

Toni smiles.

"I... I know."

Mama Widow was the leader of the Avengers for the last six years. The pear shaped cougar made the team.

What was once a group of teenage girls, now Earth's mightiest.

She went on a mission in space two years back, hasn't been on Earth since. Toni is nervous. Natasha had... well, am obsession, she liked to treat her teammates like her kids. She "sorta" made Toni into the girl she is today.

Pushing it would be an exaggeration, it was a gentle nudge, and for her own good. Toni wasn't happy being a boy.

Still, Toni and the rest of the Avengers were a little apprehensive to see their "mother" again.

"Think of it this way." Stevie smiled. "We'll..."

  1. "Get some homemade cooking from Mama Widow at the old Avenger's Tower."
  2. "Get to play with Jean Grey's kids." The reunion is held at a neutral setting, Xavier's. "I know you love playing dolls with Rachel."
  3. "Get talk nerd with Susan Storm,' the reunion is at the Future Foundation. Led by a muscular Invisible Woman
  4. Something else

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