Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - More Emma and Jean Scenarios

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Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - More Emma and Jean Scenarios

Parent Chapter

Okay...hmm... how about?

  1. Emma and Jean are going through a trial separation
  2. Emma and Jean have recently divorced
  3. Emma and Jean, both pregnant, are planning their wedding
  4. Set in the late 60's, Jean and Emma live on a Mutant Polyamorous Commune
  5. Jean and Emma, a typical married couple in a Futa World
  6. Jean is sixteen, pregnant, and forcing herself on a bitchy blonde cheerleader
  7. Jean is the Mutant Queen of England, with many heirs, who wants to make her mistress her consort.
  8. Set in the 70's, Jean is a Mutant Rockstar thinking about settling down with a blonde groupie
  9. Late 19th century France, large mutant population, Emma is basically Vincent Van Gogh and Jean is a rival artist
  10. Set in the 90's, Jean and Emma are costars on a Mutant Sitcom, who often hook up in reality. Jean wants to have an relationship known to the public, she also wants to raise kids with Emma. Emma is hesitant about coming out.
  11. Emma wakes up in a world where she's 35, married to Jean, and pregnant with her fifth kid. A punishment after Jean caught her with Scott,.
  12. Steak Punk Lesbian Mommies
  13. Matriarchal Space Mutant Nomads in a future where the Earth is uninhabitable
  14. Election rivalry between a married couple with clashing views.
  15. Something else

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