Emma and Jean Acorss the Multiverse - Where to start?

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Emma and Jean Acorss the Multiverse - Where to start?

Hmm... let's see... how about...
  1. Emma and Jean as high schoolers exploring their bodies in a bath
  2. Jean is a Futa stripper at a Strip Club recently purchased by a snooty blonde
  3. Emma is basically a Mutant Van Gogh in a 19th century version of France under a Mutant Monarchy
  4. Jean is a surly, overweight owner of a bowling alley with eyes set on a busty blonde milf throwing a birthday party for her kids
  5. After the Phoenix, Jean is physical drained an confined to a wheelchair, Emma, her loving wife, is trying her best to have Jean see the positives in life.
  6. Set in M-Town, Emma is a single mom and waitress at a local diner, who finds herself enamored by a redhead with something special in her skirt
  7. Emma is a NEET at a maid cafe who comes across a bubbly redhead who turns out to be an obsessive yandere
  8. Emma is an Orc who finds herself the attention of a very strange redheaded elf.
  9. Emma is a rich tycoon who falls in love with a redheaded prostitute
  10. Something else

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