Avenging MILFs - Avengers out of a job

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Avenging MILFs - Avengers out of a job

They had been the world's mightiest heroes, an all-female team of powerful heroes: Miss America, Lady Sif, Iron Maiden, She-Hulk, the Wasp, Black Widow, and, of course, the Scarlet Witch. They had inspired numerous other heroes to help keep the world a better place, fought for years against all threats. And then had -- won. Basically now there were no more supervillains, no more alien threats trying to attack Earth. Basically the Avengers were out of a job. So they had to find other things to do.
  1. Scarlet Witch with her kids
  2. She-Hulk is cutting loose with her gal pals
  3. Wasp and Iron Maiden chat about the issues of running their companies
  4. One of the Avengers is very controversial
  5. Something else

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