Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - Jean is actually very nice when she greets Emma. Too nice.

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Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - Jean is actually very nice when she greets Emma. Too nice.

Parent Chapter

Standing outside Magneta's School, her hand held tightly by her husband Cyclops, Jean could hardly believe what she was seeing was real. Emma and her daughter Yumi had actually come per her invitation. Emma Frost was now working under Jean..the redhead couldn't believe her luck.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, honey?" Scott whispered as the fat blonde waddled up the stairs to the front of the mansion. Behind her, Yumi's many arms were helping bring up the luggage.

"Positive," Jean replied with a smile. Emma had changed so much...but she still held the same intense feelings for the woman. Feelings Emma herself had never even noticed.

" hate her," Cyclops added hesitantly. His wife had a flaming temper and he didn't want to upset her...especially now that her Phoenix powers had recently spiked. The beautiful redhead smiled a forced smile.

"I used to. But now...I'm trying to get past that."

Emma neared the top of the stairs, her forehead wet with sweat. She locked eyes with Jean, totally unsure what the redhead would do. Surprisingly, Jean pulled Emma into a tight hug.

"Welcome back, Emma," Jean said happily. "It's been too long. The M-Men missed you."

Emma was shocked. The last time she had talked to Jean, nearly ten years ago, she had told Emma to never step foot onto Magneta's campus...and she had cursed out Mari. Emma wasn't sure why Jean hated her so much, other than the fact that Emma and Scott used to date when they were younger. Beyond that, there wasn't really a good reason that Emma could think of. Well, Emma was a pretty big bitch and always had a mean thing to say to Jean when they were fellow M-Men.

"Uh, thanks Jean. It's...good to be back." Emma wanted to mumble "I guess" but she kept it to herself. In this situation, she didn't want to get on Red's bad side. She was just thankful Jean hadn't referred to her as a cunt thus far.

"It's been a while, Scott," Emma said, offering the Headmistresses' husband a quick handshake. He nodded slightly but stayed silent.

"I'll show you two your rooms," Jean said kindly, leading the mother and daughter to a large suite on the third floor. "Make yourselves at home. If you need anything, please let me know. Oh, and Emma?"

The overweight blonde looked up from her suitcase. "Uh, yeah?"

"Can you meet me in my office on the first floor in half an hour to discuss your schedule?"

"Sure," Emma replied uneasily. What tricks did Jean have up her sleeve?



Jean looked up from a stack of papers to see all three of her children standing in the door to her office. Rachel, her oldest, Natalie, her middle child, and Madelynne, her youngest. All three looked nearly identical to their mother, though none of them had the same all-encompassing power as Jean did.

"Yes, dears?"

"We, um...well, we wanted to talk to you about Emma," Rachel started nervously. She was the same age as Yumi -- twenty -- but she was still pretty scared of her mom. Especially since a year ago, when Jean's connection to the Phoenix suddenly sparked. Since that day...Jean hasn't really been the same mom they all knew and loved. She looked different -- younger, more vibrant, more...godlike. For girls who were used to their lame, plump mom the change was a little scary.

"What about Emma?"

"Maybe why you invited her to come?" Natalie asked. "You've never liked her, mom."

"And she's never liked you," Madelynne piped up.

Jean drummed her fingers on her desk and sighed. "Well, girls, things change. Emma's a brilliant teacher and I thought she'd be a good addition."

Rachel knew when her mother was lying. The face she made was so easy to read. "Mom...are you and dad alright?"

Jean raised a brow. "Why would you ask me that?"

"We hear you fighting every night," Natalie replied. "You're clearly not getting along."

"Mom, can you please tell us what's really going on?"

  1. Jean admits that her and Scott are getting divorced
  2. Jean admits that the Phoenix wants Emma sexually
  3. Emma interrupts Jean's talk with her girls
  4. something else

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