Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - Gotham Girls

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Moms and their Daughters: Superhero Addition - Gotham Girls

Parent Chapter

Leaning against the doorframe, a Middle Aged African American, slim, yet, wide in the hips, wearing black pajama bottoms and a white top, has a smile on her lightly wrinkled face as her daughter, with short, frizzy hair just like her mom's, happily frys a dozen potato croquettes in a deep fryer.

"Careful, Bryce." Martha, Acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises, warns her very clutzy daughter. "There's not a enough mustard in the kitchen for the amount of grease you could get drenched in."

Bryce Wayne, daughter of the late Thomas Wayne. A kind, half Japanese tycoon, raised in Yokohama till he was 18, when he moved to the states for college.

She's a shy 16 year old who gets nervous towards just about everything. Always in twin tails, because that's how her daddy use to do her hair, Bryce is a very smart kid. Speaking Japanese and Spanish fluently, Spanish because a lot of Martha's family is Dominican, Bryce is an honor student on track to attending the University of Tokyo, an institution she promised her dad and paternal grandmother she'd attend. Even if living that far away from her mommy scared her.

"You don't have to make dinner, Bryce, the croquettes could be an appetizer and I can order a pizza."

Bryce shakes her head.

"Mommy, you said I..." Bryce's lip started to quiver, she didn't wanna talk back to her mother or anything like that. But Martha did promise..."I could make dinner tonight. I, um... I wanna make a good first impression with your fiance."

Giving her daughter a hug, Martha laughs.

"Sweetie, you don't have to impress..."

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  2. Wonder Woman
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