Justice MILFs - Mrs. Martian laments about the Justice MILFs

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Justice MILFs - Mrs. Martian laments about the Justice MILFs

Mrs. Martian sighed as she flipped through the newspaper, reading about yet another shenanigan from a member of the Justice League. Things had certainly changed. The Justice League had been founded a few decades back to protect the world - Wonder Woman, Power-Girl, Miss Martian, Star Sapphire, Bat-Girl, Aquawoman, and Jesse Quick -- the world's mightiest heroes. They had been successful superheroes -- VERY successful. Now almost all the supervillains were long gone or retired, all interplanetary threats steered clear of Earth. There wasn't much for the Justice League to do. Miss Martian had become Mrs. Martian, settling down to have lots of babies and repopulate her species; it was really nice, even if now it was impossible for her to shape-change into a form that wasn't middle-aged and plump. But the other heroines; well, being famous and beloved for so long can really get to your head. They had become rich and famous celebrities, and when rich and famous celebrities don't have anything to do, they can get pretty self-indulgent.
  1. Mrs. Martian checks in on one of her old teammates
  2. Some of her kids need a ride to school
  3. One of the Justice League is in a very serious scandal
  4. Super-powered cougars are on the prowl, looking for young, sexy meat
  5. Something else

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