Amulet of Obesity - Where does the amulet end up.

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Amulet of Obesity - Where does the amulet end up.

A golden amulet on a leather cord. On one side, a smiling pig is etched on it, and on the other, the phrase "Excess is the ultimate expression of freedom," is written.rnrnThe wearer of this amulet will gain the powers necessary to live life to the fattest. The wearer can consume infinite amounts of food, gain weight, and grow in size to match the amount of their consumption. The wearer will gain the power to turn any non-living object into food of their desire with a simple touch. The wearer will gain no disease from their eating, and no matter how large they grow, immobility will never occur. The wearer can distribute their body fat however they wish, even if it breaks the laws of physics. The wearer can also transfer their fat to others and distribute it in their bodies as the wearer desires. The wearer can also instill in others chubby chasing and weight gaining desires.rnrnThe amulet has but two weaknesses: if the wearer transfers enough of their weight to return to their original size or less, the amulet will abandon them forever. If the wearer devours the amulet, they will be turned into a pig.
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