Starfire's Metamorphosis - Starfire's cocoon

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Starfire's Metamorphosis - Starfire's cocoon

A huge cocoon sat in Starfire's room in Titan's Tower. Then it shook, cracked, and fell apart.rnrn"Yes, that is much nicer," Starfire said as she strode out of it.rnrnThe Tamaranian princess dusted herself off as she looked with satisfaction in the mirror. She had never gotten around to telling her friends that certain Tamaranians go through a particular metamorphosis in their adolescence. Well, now it would be a nice surprise for them.rnrn"They are always liking the surprises," she chuckled.rnrnStarfire had become a lot bigger, as beefy and imposing as Mammoth. She flexed her arms, loving how the thick orange muscles bulged. She flexed all four of her arms, for she'd grown another set!rnrnThen she reached down and give her new genitals a squeeze. A huge throbbing orange penis hung between her legs along with a big throbbing pair of balls.rnrnShe giggled. The smell and certainly the taste of her nectar will probably have some interesting affects on her friends. Well, that was proper. After all, now that she had metamorphosed, she should be focusing on some more grown-up things. rnrn* * *rnrnMeanwhile, in the headquarters of the Fearsome Five, Blackfire was having a similar experience.rnrn"Oooo, I can't wait to show some of my friends my nice meat," she laughed, robbing her cock.
  1. Starfire shows-off to Robin
  2. She finds another Titan first
  3. Blackfire has some fun with a villain
  4. Something else

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