The Warper - First Target

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The Warper - First Target

He sat in his room, spinning idly on a computer chair. Bored. To the eyes of anyone else, he would appear a typical teenager. And in a lot of ways, he was. Medium height, a toned, slightly muscular build. Short brown hair topped his head, his face slightly handsome, with dark brown eyes. He wore just an ordinary T-shirt, and jeans. He even had a normal teenage name.

But he did not wish to go by this name. And, frankly, he didn't have to. A lot of teenagers think they rule the world, that they can do anything they want. This one, actually could. The name he preferred for himself was, at once, anonymous, and telling of his true worth. He preferred to be known as... the Warper.

He liked this name, as it largely reflected his power. The Warper could warp reality at will. Anything he wanted to do, he could. Anything he wanted to happen, happened. And he was bored now. Eager to use this power.

He figured today that he'd head out, and find a celebrity. What would he do to them? Make them his girlfriend? Steal all their riches? Make them unknown, remove their fame? Perhaps. He just rather felt like messing with one in any way he chose, maybe even change their body, or their mind, or their life, as he desired. And so, in an instant, he was gone. Teleported away, to mess with, first of all...
  1. Kristen Stewart.
  2. Cheryl Cole.
  3. Kym Marsh.
  4. Cheryl Burke.
  5. Olivia Munn.
  6. Vivica Fox.
  7. Morgan Webb.
  8. Cameron Diaz.
  9. Kate Hudson.
  10. Katie Holmes.
  11. Another celebrity.
  12. Or maybe not even a celebrity at all. Maybe he'd rather just go for...

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