Blending In - The blend in remote

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Blending In - The blend in remote

One day a young genius created a remote that would change anyone it was pointed at to fit the surroundings and people around them. It would even change reality and give the new person a new personality and appearance, while making that person and everyone around them unaware, unless the user wanted them to be.

Being in high school, and a bit of a pervert, the boy decided to try it out in the girls locker room after cheer practice. He quietly followed the last girl in, and aimed at himself. He planned to become a fellow cheerleader with none of the girls aware as he spied them showering and changing. In his haste he didn't notice that he had left the setting for the changed person to be unaware, and without testing it beforehand didn't know changing the user overrides the memory saving feature.

The new cheerleader wondered why she was holding a remote, but dismissed it and set it in her bag before joining her teammates in the showers. She lived close by, and decided to walk home. When she got there she remembered the remote, and checked her bag for it. She couldn't find it however, noticing a hole in her bag. She must have lost it somewhere along the way.

Who found it?
  1. The new cheerleader retraces her steps and finds it
  2. The queen bee head cheerleader found it in the locker room
  3. The girl's little sister finds it in the yard
  4. A nerdy girl finds it in the hall while walking back from the library
  5. A bitter teacher in their 40s finds it
  6. A student teacher finds it
  7. An obese woman finds it on the street
  8. A chubby outcast finds it in the school
  9. A pregnant woman walking down the street finds it
  10. A mother of 3 finds the remote
  11. Another perverted teen finds it
  12. A stripper on her way to work finds it
  13. A raver finds it on their way to a party
  14. Someone else
  15. Someone else

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