Chun-Li Wishing Rock - Endless Love

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Chun-Li Wishing Rock - Endless Love

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"I wish I could finally impress Ryu."

Yes, Ryu. The lonely warrior for whom Chun-Li had always nurtured great respect, a respect that eventually turned into love, a love that she never dared to confess, both for her countless missions with Interpol and for the reserved nature of her beloved. Every time she thought about him, her heart beats like it was going to jump out of her chest and her face blushed a bit. After all, he saved her and Li-Fen's life during the escape from Shadaloo base, a gesture for which she felt she had not thanked him enough.

After saying that, she let out another sigh and...

  1. She starts to think how to win over him
  2. Ryu arrives
  3. She gets teleported in front of Ryu
  4. She feels like her body was changing
  5. She loses some garments
  6. Something else

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