Chun-Li Wishing Rock - Boredom

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Chun-Li Wishing Rock - Boredom

Parent Chapter

"I wish my life is a bit more exciting"

Teaching martial arts to children in order to improve their lives was surely a relief for her mind and spirit, but not so much to don't let her feel a little bored. Even if the closeness of her adopted daughter, Li-Fen, made her feel better, Chun-Li missed the adrenaline she felt on a mission with Interpol or fighting alongside other street fighters.

A few seconds after saying those words, ...

  1. She received a call from Interpol
  2. Bison returns!
  3. She get teleported to another world
  4. She time-travelled to another era
  5. She saw something strange...
  6. Something else

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