Blushin' Roulette - Megan's muscles shrink

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Blushin' Roulette - Megan's muscles shrink

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Alice went first. She pulled the trigger and a heavily distorted *click* emanated from the gun's tiny speaker.

"Phew!" she sighed, smiling with relief.

Quietly, Caroline took the gun and pointed at her head. She fired, and once again the device let out a tinny click. She showed little emotion, but Stacy and Alice were giggling wildly.

"Whatever, it probably doesn't even work," Megan said in her slightly husky voice, taking the device and examining it. "It probably just gives you a little shock or something lame."

"Well it's your turn anyways," Stacy said. "If you're so brave, why don't you pull the trigger?"

Megan hesitated momentarily, then shrugged. "Pfft, whatever," she said, jokingly pointing the gun at her head and firing. The gun let off a loud, cackling bang.

Suddenly, the room of laughter and giggling fell silent, and all eyes turned to Megan.

Megan, despite her brave front, felt her heart racing. "W-what're you all staring at me for?" she barked, her eyes darting over every inch of her toned, muscular frame, looking for any sign of a change. "I told you, nothing would happen..."

The girls had to admit, based on the buzz around the game they expected something more to happen, like Megan becoming massively obese or her skin changing color. As far as they could tell, nothing was happening. Until...

"Uh, Megan..." Caroline said quietly.

"What?" Megan practically snarled, turning on her.

Caroline, backed away and shut her mouth, but Stacy continued with a surprising amount of enthusiasm. "Megan, you're getting... smaller!"

Suddenly all the girls began noticing it. Megan's chiseled, muscular physique began diminishing, her muscular bulges flattening into smooth round flesh. Her round, defined shoulders faded, her bulging biceps shrank to beanpoles, and her thick, muscular calves lost all definition.

"W-what the fuck is this... it's some sort of illusion..." Megan sputtered, her hands now able to wrap nearly all the way around her formerly formidable biceps.

Alice crawled up to get a closer look. "It's real alright!" she said, pinching Megan's arm.

"Hey, get off me!" Megan barked, shoving her away. Alice braced for the impact of the muscular athlete pushing her, but gasped with delight as she saw Megan fall backwards, unused to her new lack of muscles.

"Haha, no way!" Alice cackled, crawling over Megan's flattened form and pinning her arms to the ground. "Hey Megan, wanna arm wrestle?!"

Megan struggled as hard as she could, sweating and turning red, but it was no use. "Come on, get off me!" she spat.

"Haha, relax Megan, it was just a joke..." Alice smiled, crawling off her and offering her a hand to pull her up.

Megan reluctantly took it and pulled herself up. "Whatever, it's not funny," she mumbled, brushing herself off.

Suddenly, the girls remembered the game was still on, and it was Stacy's turn next.

  1. Stacy develops ridiculously huge breasts
  2. Stacy loses her intelligence
  3. Alice's clothes become cheap and trashy
  4. Alice puts on 20 pounds
  5. Caroline's outfit becomes slutty and makeup appears on her face
  6. The game glitches and Caroline becomes impossibly elegant and beautiful
  7. Something else
  8. Something else.

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