Blushin' Roulette - The game begins

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Blushin' Roulette - The game begins

Cards Against Humanity was winding down, and Stacy looked around and said for the third time that night, "Does anyone want to try one of the games I brought?"

Megan wasn't much for games, but she was even less for Stacy's constant nagging. "Why don't we play one *short* game that you brought, and then just hang out or put on a movie or something?"

Alice nodded. "That sounds fine by me! What do you think Caroline?"

Caroline just nodded.

It was the night after finals, and everyone was just happy to sit around and relax. It was an odd group, really: Stacy, the unattractive bookworm majoring in physics. Megan, the butch athlete on a full ride scholarship majoring in whatever. Alice, the beautiful, rich girl majoring in acting. And Caroline, the mature, quiet music major. They had all met the summer before freshman year, at a week-long summer bridge program that was supposed to help prepare them all for living in the dorms, and introduce them to some people they'd be going to school with. For most of them it was their first taste of freedom, and with some gentle persuassion from Alice they had all slipped off for some underage drinking in the unoccupied parts of the dorm. They bonded that night, and even though they did end up being caught by the chaperones a few hours in they had remained friends ever since.

Stacy pulled her bag out excitedly. "Alright, quick... quick..." She pulled out something that looked like a water gun with a calculator attached to it. "Ooh, I haven't got the chance to try this one yet. You guys up for a game of Blushin' Roulette?"

Alice looked surpised. "I've heard about that! Daddy was looking into getting a copy, but it was a bit outside of his price range. How did *you* manage to get one?"

Stacy smiled. "My cousin helped develop it. He let me borrow his."

Megan was getting antsy. "Do we really need all this preamble!? Please, explain the rules so we can just get this over with."

Stacy nodded. "The rules are actually super simple. We each go around and 'shoot' ourselves. It randomly determines whether you get a blank or a bullet, which comes up 1/6th of the time. If you get a bullet, the gun changes a mental or physical trait you value about yourself into its antithesis. If you get three bullets, you're eliminated from the game. You can also chose to drop out at any time."

Megan was agog. "Wait, this thing is going to do stuff to us? Like permanently?"

Stacy shook her head. "Of course not! The effects wear off after about 8 hours. It's just a bit of harmless fun." Stacy hoped that was true. Her cousin had lent her a prototype, and had warned that it might be a bit... tempermental.

Megan and Caroline exchanged nervous glances, but Alice was already picking up the gun.

Alice smiled and pointed the gun at her head. "Let's get started, shall we?"
  1. Stacy is made stupid
  2. Glitch: Stacy becomes incredibly attractive
  3. Megan's muscles shrink
  4. Megan becomes more feminine
  5. Alice's breasts shrink
  6. Glitch: Alice becomes the ultimate method actor, can't stop acting like her latest character
  7. Caroline becomes an outgoing party girl
  8. Something else
  9. Something else
  10. Something else

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