The Shrine of Sheleth - Shrine of Sheleth world select.

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The Shrine of Sheleth - Shrine of Sheleth world select.

The Shrine of Sheleth is a small shrine meant to be installed in homes, Most wouldn't even know this and assume it's a simple decoration as Sheleth has vanished from memory, her Domain is Incestuous Love. The Longer the Shrine is in a home, the more family will begin to see each other in a romantic and sexual light, blood, adoptive or any bond that is like family will do it. If the individuals are not attracted to each other for any reason, Sheleth will alter them physically and/or mentally as she sees fit to make it happen, as such roles may switch, Sons may become Mothers, Fathers may become Daughters, secret fetishes may come to life resulting in sissies, shemales, true sex changes and more. It will also alter the people in the shrines influence making them all related to one another. As the family falls more in love with each other they may begin to learn/remember the name of their new Goddess and begin worshiping her actively, making new shrines to be distributed. Sheleth's range of influence is limited to the property of the home her shrine is placed in, But is a permanent effect lasting until she changes it again. If her Shrine is destroyed all her effects remain. Any Children born of Unions from her influence will have a spiritual connection to her, and their blood lines are immune to the negative effects of inbreeding.rnrnWhere does the shrine to this long forgotten end up.
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