The Assimitrax - The Assimitrax

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The Assimitrax - The Assimitrax

Ancient beyond all time, without limit, rhyme or reason, the Assimitrax is a shapeshifting omnipotent device that changes people and warps reality to match a Preset Design, preset being whatever information or meme's it's absorbed and collected itself.

This Data is vast in possibility but always narrow in scope. It can be data on simple traits, like physical and mental attributes. It can be a little more broad, such as a person's race, culture, stereotype, clique, even ethnicity and nationality. If the device hasn't taken in a groups data it might supply itself with only a single individuals and that will be the setting allowing a series of changes to other people with.

That said, the device is omnipotent and very powerful, it transcends reality itself and lies on the linchpin of all that is. It's not nearly limited to "What is", or what exists. It's powers can even take in information from fictional or simply conceived sources. A TV show or Book perhaps, or even a mere child's story, a paranoid rumor, superstition or myths. Things like subculture's, advertisements, and any sort of Narrative or collective field of values can be analyzed and intaken to make a part of itself, and than make victims a part of 'It.' Locations and groupings aren't uncommon for it's storage, such as perhaps specific stores, houses or cliques hanging out there.

It doesn't just effect humans or living things. Omnipotence is a scary thing sometimes. So long as vogue concepts can be grouped and perceived by people, they too can be absorbed by this device, both the physical and the ethereal.

Although it's not actually sentient (In any way we humans could ever understand), the device will still change people or the world gradually without regard to their resistance or struggles. If someone grasps it's powers and obtains it before, and only before they themselves become a victim as defined as whether they've been affected by any changes, even with a simple proclamation like "This is a wishing stone." or "This thing has unlimited Power", they can decide what it inputs and who it changes. But they ought to be careful as the device is unpredictable, and even if not sentient it's internal logic may backfire on the user if they're not careful.

Usually taking the form of something simple like a glowing crystal, a pebble or wristwatch, (Although it can take more complex forms) it's unlimited power will undoubtedly change whoever comes across it. People changed by it will more often than not suffer adverse mental changes forcing them to accept and be situated into their new Reality.

What sort of topic will The Assimitrax find itself in first?
  1. A Modern Highschool
  2. A Struggling Community Colledge
  3. A Workplace Environment
  4. An Online Community
  5. A shopping Mall
  6. Television or Film
  7. Videogames
  8. Cartoons
  9. Religion or Politics
  10. A Psychiatry Asylum
  11. A Suburban Community
  12. A Bustling City
  13. Advertised Products
  14. A Dungeon For Young Girls
  15. A Different Time Period
  16. Some Genre of Fiction
  17. Literature
  18. Some Natural Environment
  19. A Supernatural Location
  20. Something else or More Options!

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