The Warper - Kristen Stewart.

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The Warper - Kristen Stewart.

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Kristen Stewart, still living lavishly off of her Twilight millions, always manages to keep that generally greasy appearance. While not actually filthy by any means, her lazy, Tom boy persona required it, and it made her very mysterious and sexy to many men.

The Warper watched her as she added product to her hair that gave a limp, greasy sheen, just like she liked it.

The Warper smiled and the changes began.

The product disappeared from existence yet her she remained the same, this time only naturally so. Clad in nothing but panties and a tank top, Kristen noticed the changes quickly. Despite having just bathed, she could smell herself....wait, bathed? She hadn't done that in a week...maybe more. The strong odor rising up from underneath her arms and between her legs.

It was those two places she felt change next. And uncomfortable and sudden itch formed under her arms and between her legs, before subsiding. Kristen raised her arm to give it the sniff test, ignoring the thick bush of underarm hair she now had...after all, rarely if ever shaved. Why would it bother her?

Hormonal changes began. Kristen the Tom boy now naturally produced more testosterone than most girls. The 5'5" actress grew a few inches up to a more awkward 5'11". The awkwardness of being taller than many guys she knew made her uncomfortable and caused her to slouch with awful posture.

The boost also caused her body hair to flourish, growing thicker than before and sprouting up in new places. The bush in her panties now became even thicker, very visibly grew out of her underwear, spreading down her thighs and calves fading out to her toes, which now had dark hairs on them. The spread continued up her ass cracked and slightly higher on to her stomach as it faded to her belly button. And finally her arms. Not just her pits, but her firearms now had flthocker darker hair that easily contrasted with her pale skin.

Finally, she began to sweat. She would be cursed with a greasy sheen of sweat no matter the temperature. Stains quickly turned under her arms and down her chest as her odor intensified.

"Sigh" she thought "it's always so uncomfortable." Little did she know that the hormones had made a few other adjustments. Her voice would lower just enough to wear it would be almost sultry, but instead it sounds more the voice a cross dresser would put on.

The transformation almost complete, the Warper contemplated how he would finish them off.

  1. Change her job to something appropriate and her settings change to match
  2. Further change her body
  3. The Warper realizes there's someone else in the house
  4. Something else

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