A Clone of My Own Now - In her Image

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A Clone of My Own Now - In her Image

Parent Chapter

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Hansel and Gretel Maguire, two 20's sibling had finally worked up the courage and done it. They'd stumbled upon their step-mothers apartment and prepared themselves to face her. The lawn surrounding the place was overgrown with weeds, and the house looked so run down it might as well have been from the middle ages. Not a car was seen in the driveway, although piles of mail had clogged up into the mailbox from never being checked.

"Are you sure this is the place? I knew that she was crazy but, this is just pushing it." Gretel said. She hadn't seen the man that her father married in almost a decade, since she'd sent the two of them away almost immediately after the death of their father. Which was rather soon after the marriage, quite to their suspicion.

"Let's just get this over with. If we're lucky she'll be senile as all hell and we'll be right out." Hansel remarked.

"Lucky just to leave? To hell with that, I want all that money that I know she completely swash-buckled from dad. Do you know how much Business School cost? I'm living off of breadcrums here." Gretel rung the doorbell, tapping her foot impatiently.

Hansel rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and being a starving artist is so much better. I don't like this anymore than you do, but we atleast have to find out how much she still has stashed." As a tuition-paying student and much in the same sinking financial boat as his sister, neither were left with much choice but to grin and bear it as the door swung open and their stepmother stepped out.

It was apparent from the start that she was...

  1. A nasty old Crone
  2. A kind hearted maiden
  3. A slutty Cougar
  4. Some sort of sexy exibitonist, with fetishistic taste in kinky skintight clothing no less
  5. A Gothic Occult Buff, perhaps a Witch even!
  6. A Lesbo MILF (Who still married their father, for some unexplained reason)
  7. A suprisingly young looking, abit eccentric, woman
  8. Obsessed with Fitness
  9. A flirty tart and raging partygoing Alcohlic
  10. Oddly Foreign
  11. Some sort of huge Nerd
  12. Competely different than anything described above
  13. 13 - More Story Options [[This is for stories other than this one for this whole Series]]

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