A Clone of My Own Now - The Magic Mirror of Infinite Selves

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A Clone of My Own Now - The Magic Mirror of Infinite Selves

Parent Chapter

Sue Lesly, age 17, was looking through an old antique shop, Mr. Mack Millars Junk Yard on the corner of Maple Street one afternoon. It was an old and antiquated shop, so not many people visited it. But it was far better than wasting time at home or being in any rush elsewhere after school, so now and than she'd spend time there.

That noon a new item had arrived in the shop, even covered up in a cloth one could easily tell it was a mirror. Lisa had walked to and through the job, examining all the old artifacts and items and some of the new ones, but none of them interested her. The Mirror however, just tugged on her curiosity too much, as much as she did on it's cover revealing it's shiny surface to her.

It had two strange crests on the top and bottom, one black and one white. They looked kind of like Tao simples, yet not. The trims were made of clear silver and went around the mirror, easing into both circular crests. Needless to say, Lisa did what any plain bored girl would do, stare in and mess around.

A good minute passed, she checked out all her facial features. Sandy blond hair, white skin, "Plain Jane" T-shirt (It actually spelled out Plain Jane. As a gift from her mother she'd thought it in pretty bad taste, even if it was her mom's way of joking that she needed a few hobbies). Blue jeans and sneakers. She wore a little light pink chapstick and some cheap plastic necklace, but otherwise she was just a run of the mill middle class teenage girl.

Sure sometimes she'd desperately reached out for a hobby or ways to make her more interesting, but her success wasn't notable. She wasn't terrifically athletic. Not too cheery or preppy, or doe eye'd enough to attract the nearest guy. Sure she watched TV and played Videogames and did her homework but, none of it's intensity focused enough to really define her. She wasn't anyone special, not like this weird pocket mirror she'd spent 3 minutes staring at. It was quite ornamented, but small enough to fit in on a plate.

"Can I help you?" A store clerk said. An older brunette man came over and looked at Sue's reflection. "Or, are you having enough fun helping yourself?" He mocked.

Sue chuckled. "Just messing around I guess. Isn't this thing kinda cool?" She stepped besides it and leaned against the mirror. The man shrugged. "Fascinating." He sighed and looked in, not much for looks himself other than his apron and store badge. The man grit his teeth and stared at his reflection, his train of thoughts almost reflecting Sue's earlier. And dream became reality, as the minute went on they went to similar, to soon identical, thought for thought. And after the minute was up, mirrored perfectly.

"Hmm, what ar-AAAH?!?" Sue screamed.

The Mirror let out a flash of light, pushing her back on her bum. After rubbing her eyes and gasping ahead, she was at a loss of words. Right in front of her was a mirror image of herself! Right down to the stupid "Plain Jane" T-shirt. Her voice sounded identical, and as she checked out the store items idly she imitated Sue's dull mannerisms and curiosity with perfect ease.

The new Sue merely brushed her shirt off. "Well that was weird. Glowing Mirror I guess." And went snooping around the store curiously.

Sue shook her head, she had to force herself to believe what she'd just seen. "Wait, what are you doing? How did-, why are you me?"

The new Sue simply walked off, looking at a dusty old lamp. "What are you talking about? I'm Sue. Who else would I be?" She chuckled than ignored the original Sue as if nothing was wrong.

Sue was about to panic, when an old man with a shagged shapely bearded goatee and ankh necklace ran in. He grabbed Nu-Sue's shoulder and demanded that she look at the mirror again for a minute. Nu-Sue, knowing this man to be Mr. Millars because Sue already did said okay and did so at his harsh insistence. After a full minute, the mirror glowed again and afterwards the former store employee had returned. He shrugged off like nothing had affected him.

"What, what the hell just happened? That was so Weird!" Sue screamed, pointing at the mirror and man rudely before Mr. Millars hushed her.

"Sssh, now listen, you need to understand something. This isn't any ordinary Mirror, it's magic. Anyone that looks at it longer than 30 seconds, up to 60 will become a perfect doppelganger of either whoever is staring at the 'back' of it, or the holding it. Perfectly identical in every way, mind body and soul, yet unable to realize this absurd situation or remember themselves formerly. If they stare back into it for 60 again they can revert back, but only if it's done within 72 hours of their change, after that it's permanent. Also while that method was instant, someone staring at the back of it would take much longer changing into the original gradually. You must be extra careful this Mirror alright?" He threw the sheet back on top of it and held it up for her.

Sue was speechless, a real live magic mirror? That could make somebody into anybody else? In all the fascinating confusion and defiance of logic at hand, she could only think of one thing to ask.

"How much?"

"20$" Millar told her.

  1. Sue buys it and takes it home
  2. Sue buys and takes it to school the next day
  3. Sue buys and a customer comes in
  4. Another customer offers for it
  5. Sue doesn't have any money
  6. The Mirror is stolen by someone who just heard about it
  7. An Accidental Conversion happens
  8. The Mirror ends up somewhere else
  9. How did Mr. Millar stumble upon it?
  10. Another Option

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