Transnational Holidays Inc. - Her first holiday

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Transnational Holidays Inc. - Her first holiday

"Oh my,I'm going on an all expense paid vacation overseas,I can't wait for it" said Anna while she head to the famed company of travel, Transnational Holidays Inc at New York.

Anna wanted to travel around the world since she was 21.She found an advert online when she was surfing the Web for travel guides.

Do you want to explore the secrets of the world?
Do you want to experience different cultures?
Then this is just the thing for you!
Book a holiday at Transnational Holidays Inc.!
All expenses paid. Just pay a membership fee for 1000$!
Satisfaction guarantied*!
Call Isabella at 123-456-7890 or email
*(may result permanent residence and loss of original identity)

She called her to book a holiday and she was told that she had to visit the HQ. She arrived at the travel agency and met Isabella first hand.

"Hi, I'm Isabella, CEO of the company. I presume that you are interested at our vacation services. Our company is unsurpassed by any leading travel agencies and is ranked the best is travel and holidays. In fact,some customers even liked to be at there forever." said Isabella with pride.

"Ha, I'm Anna, white collar worker of a multinational company. Pleasure to meat you. I love cultural diversity as much as I like traveling." said Anna

"Then you be amazed with what we have developed. Follow me."

Then both entered a room labeled "Transformation Chambers" and Anna saw the machine.

"Behold, the TF machine,our monumental achievement. Developed by scientists in an effort to simplify plastic surgery. We modified it to allow memory changing. Using the latest development on genetics and neuroscience, one can go beyond being a tourist and blend in with the locals. Although,there's a risk regarding the effect of the changes made, since some customers find their changes permanent. So just in case, we'll save your identity and DNA just to be sure."

"Wow, so I can be any race for a certain time? That's incredible, I'd love to try it."

"Well, go ahead. Enter this machine, and choose your new identity and travel package that we have. Just remember that we have customer service worldwide."

So Anna, with enthusiasm, choose........
  1. To be a geisha in Japan for two weeks
  2. To be a Chinese woman in Shanghai for two weeks
  3. To be an Indian woman in Delhi for two weeks
  4. To be an African tribal woman in a village in Africa for a month
  5. To be a Hispanic woman in Mexico City for a month
  6. To be a Native American woman at a reservation in Wyoming for two months
  7. To be a Persian-Turkish woman in Istanbul for two weeks
  8. Something Else

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