Marvel Alignment - Neutral God

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Marvel Alignment - Neutral God

Parent Chapter

A 40 year old redhead, extremely bottom heavy, sits on a couch at an old friend's apartment.

She looks at the Scottish Spirit, a man in a red jumper with tight green jeans, long white hair in a man bun, and a pierced nose, pouring two glasses of rum tea.

"Ah'm telling ya, McCoy Spice Tea is the best drink in the multiverse." The Scott insisted.

Jean rolled her eyes.

"I don't feel like drinking, Duffy."

"Come on, Lass. When's the last time ya had fun with Duff? Oh yeah, we're gonna paint the worlds red, we are!"

Jean sighed.

"I just wanna sit at home, watch Grey's anatomy, maybe eat some chocolate fudge brownie chips I bought at Trader X..."

Duffy rolled his pure white eyes.

"You need a little fun, Jeanie Girl. Get the whole "Ah never wanna see ya again, ah'm happy with Mariko, I love Mariko, not you!" fin outta yer mind!"

"It's not that easy, Duffy."

"Ah know, but ya gotta at least try ta move on. Ya said it yerself, at least she's happy."

"Fine." Jean took a sip of the spicy beverage, she knew she'd regret it in the morning. Hangovers were never good to begin with, but at 40, it's pure hell.

"Where are we going to anyways?"

Duffy smirked.

"Ya'll love it, Jeanie, we're goin ta..."

  1. A strip club where Emma's the middle aged owner that gives the right customer as feel of her massive, pasty tits
  2. A version of a predominantly Mutant San Francisco, Duffy herd they have the best breakfast burritos there, unaware a version of Jean runs a west coast branch school of Xavier's with her two romantic partners. Lorna and Emma Grey.
  3. A nudist beach on a world inhabited by futa
  4. Something else

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