Marvel Alignment - Bad God

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Marvel Alignment - Bad God

Parent Chapter

They say the best chicken wings in all the multiverse are at Howard The Duck's Bar and Grill.

And if you asked a female version of Thanos, with long locks of purple hair, a body as sexy as Ariana Grande, you'd get that answer directly from her.

"How're the wings, Ms Thanny?" A waitress with a visor, Porn Star tits, and the sexiest pair of short shorts Thanos had ever seen asked cutely while handing her the bill.

"Wonderful as usual." Thanos smiled. She loved watching Summer wiggling her cute tush around for tips, flirting with male customers, venturing to the closet with her middle aged manager, Jean Grey, every hour on the hour.

Her breath always reeks of pussy after shifts, Thanos made that so.

She made all of this!

"Sorry, I'm late." A red skinned woman, resembling Natalie Portman, sat down in a blue blouse with a black skirt that showed off her long, slender legs.

"I was... busy, at my new office."

Thanos smirked. The Mephisto sure loved to torture random businessmen. This month's was a man flaked Tony Stark. Well, he ain't Tony anymore, that's for sure!

"If I get the jalapeÃÂño nacho bites, would you share it with me?"

Thanos nodded.

"Good, you know how that fatass Jean gets when she smells the grease trap!"

Once the order was placed, the two demons started having a playful chat.

"Are you packed?"

Mephisto shrugged.

"Don't really see the point. I could literally make a suitcase appear. While we're on the subject, I could just make new clothes appear."

Thanos shook her head.

"You promised me the whole vacation experience. That includes packing your bags, waiting for flights, interacting with new targets..."

Mephisto laughed. Thanos was so excited for there little vacation across the multiverse.

"Where's a first stop, by the way, you didn't tell me."

"It's a surprise." Thanos smiled.

"I hate those. Just tell me.'

Thanos shook her head.


"Fine." Thanos pouted. "We're..."

  1. Going to a Mutant Resort on Hawaii for single women
  2. An Amusement Park where the human population is only female and Futanari
  3. A water park filled with sissies
  4. Something else

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