A Clone of My Own Now - Quick Rundown of this Branch

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A Clone of My Own Now - Quick Rundown of this Branch

I'm sure it's had it's presence here and there elsewhere on this site, but this Series is exclusively for stories around duplication. The topic while broad, should include the potential for anyone summarily "Becoming like someone else", preferably the characters featured in the story. Actually that's pretty much essential. Whether it's in appearance, lifestyle, behavior and attitude, or on the reaching end of this spectrum completely identical, cloning the victim that's what these stories are about, mentally and physically changing characters into one another. Remember Agent Smith from the Matrix? It's pretty all about much that.

Whether it involves focus on a single character's change into another, a group, or a whole populace facing an infestation of Like-minded changes is all up to the writer!

It can involve any method, genre or type of story so long as it involves the synchronicity of characters and their traits!

Perhaps a narcissist gets hold of some evil magic, or a computer virus escapes into the real world. An evil Camp or Prep School making kids into perfect clones, a factory that deals in Stereotypes, an Evil-Step Mother who wants her daughter to take after her (Heh. Get it?), the possibilities are endless!
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