Marvel Alignment - Apocalypse's Big Vacation

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Marvel Alignment - Apocalypse's Big Vacation

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A curvy Asgardian Queen in green, legs crossed on an ottoman, pouts while her muscular husband tries on a wig at her bedroom's vanity.

A grey skinned mutant, with purple lips, Lady Loki finds the practice so ridiculous.

"You promised we'd leave by 9." Lady Loki complained, arms crossed, her busty figure highlighted perfectly. It always got her husband's attention!

En Sabah Nur laughed, why did he think a 1960's Beetle wig would look good?

"Sabah, you know I don't care that you're bald. Can't we just leave? I really need this vacation! Sister Thor is being so moody, was I that bad as a teenager?"

Sabah nodded.

"You're suppose to lie to your wife." Loki glared.

Sabah sighed, placing a blonde mullet on his head. This was quite possibly the worse one so far.

"Sweetie, you know what people from other realities think of me."


"So? We can't have a vacation if different versions of the A-Men are trying to kill me!"

Loki laughed.

"Let them try. Like they'd be able to do anything."

Sabah walked toward his wife, knelt down, still towering the dainty beauty, placing a massive hand on her slender shoulder.

For the past two thousand years, they'd been on and off. Complicated reasons. A brutal war in Asgard, a dangerous time for humanity. Situations that were better if they weren't together. Tough Times, but always necessary.

But after defeating Empress Storm from taking over the universe with the Infinity Guantlet, Sabah realized he needed a few centuries to reconnect with the one woman her truly loves.

"No fighting." Sabah frowned. "I know you love a good battle... but I really need a break from being a hero. Mephisto gave me a huge list of recommendations, I just want to spend at least 300 years enjoying scenic locations with you. Only you."

Loki smiled.

"Cheese ball."

Sabah smiled back.

"So, where's our first stop, Sabah?"

  1. A Japanese Influenced Eiffel Tower, Sabah wants to take his wife to a quaint little bistro run by a very familiar mutant
  2. A London with Pyramids, Sabah was told there's a garden with the best spot for watching sunsets
  3. A New York inhabited entirely by females. Mephisto says the clubs are amazing and always filled with sexy women and tasty booze.
  4. Something else

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