Falling Chaos in Equestria - A Falling Star Comes...

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Falling Chaos in Equestria - A Falling Star Comes...

A Sparkle fell into her eye. Like a glimmering flash, Twilight Sparkle watched a spectacle fall before her, and the calm of the night had been lost. The studious young Unicorn had been studying astrological activity throughout the night, when a trailing beam had steaked across the sky and fell nearby. Screams and shouts were heard in the distance, and by Twilights vague calculations the mote of light had landed somewhere in the middle of Ponyville, her town and home.

Twilight quickly grabbed her coat and coziest gloves. One hoove after the other she bursted through her Library's entrance and ran out into the rustic streets. Panic and shouts made their way to her ears atop her head. She had no time to comfort and reassure anypony, as her Princesses protege and one of the most responsible young mares in town, seeing to this befallen figment across town was her sole duty right now.

She huried as fast as she could, trotting and racing towards the center of town. Bumping into Mare and Stallion alike, she came up to the sky delivered sphere, massive enough to be seen from afar and leaving her faint of glow from afar. As Twilight finally approached it, she saw a ring of ponies had gathered around. Pinkie Pie had hopped neaby, giggling curiously. A white unicorn with a purple coifed mane yawned by, rubbing her eyes in a sleeper mask. Soon AJ, Rainbow Dash, and a shy mare hiding her eyes behind the crowd followed suit.

Everyone nearby stoof in fear and awe around the mysterious crator. A quickening spread throughout their ranks as the silvery spherical dome shook and shuddered, glowing brighter. "Stand back Everypony!" Twilight shouted. The crowd tiphoofed back as the studious Purple unicorn prepared her horn, ready to counteract anything the sphere unleashed.

They all waited, laced with confusion and fear. The Sphere seemingly cracked and shook. The glow around it grew brighter and larger, sending out a wave of optic energy in it's wake. Soon it's Aura bathed the crowd, than the blocks and houses, and finally the whole town was lost in an erie misty glowing mire.

And than, just as quickly as it had began, it ended. The bright light stopped, the Sphere stood still. Twilight, at a loss as the rest levitated the Meteor up for further study. Everypony gradually dispersed, and the night was silent again.

After Twilight placed the space rock on a pedestal, she pulled the covers over herself and went back to bed. A strange sensation swept over her. She felt it was going to be a long week.
  1. The next morning Twilight wakes up younger
  2. The next morning Twilight wakes up plumper and hungrier
  3. The next morning Twilight wakes up dumber and Hornier
  4. Twilights Personality is changed
  5. Twilight notices her friends are acting differently
  6. Twilight wakes up in somepony elses body
  7. Twilights body has drastically changed/Become a different species
  8. Everypony in town starts behaving strangely
  9. Twilight becomes a Nymphomaniac
  10. Some strange Force has taken hold of Ponyville
  11. Everypony gradually gets fatter, sloppier, hornier and dumber, yet loves it
  12. Everypony in town Regresses or Advances in age
  13. A visit from one of the Royal Sisters changes things
  14. Changes from-to an outsider or a Background pony
  15. Something Completely Different

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