The Amalgam Timeline - Introduction

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The Amalgam Timeline - Introduction

Batman had recently taken Superman's advice. Taking it easy with a nice, needed, vacation in the Bahamas. Sipping on a corona, Bruce Wayne was suprisingly relaxed, sitting on the beach watching the sunset. This was obviously a stupid choice. If you're Batman, you should always be alert. And that's where there this story begins, dozing off on a compfy beach chair, Bruce unknowingly transported to another reality. All because he let his guard down for just one day! Now, where does he go?
  1. Batman awakes inside a dorm at Lois Lane's Institute of Gifted Youngsters
  2. Bruce wakes up in the break room at the Hellfire Club, ran by Lex Luthor
  3. Batman awakens at Shield Academy, with Superman as his roomate.
  4. Something else

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