Melding Wand - Melding Wand Marvel: Shadowcat becomes Fatcat

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Melding Wand - Melding Wand Marvel: Shadowcat becomes Fatcat

This is in a world where Marvel, DC, and various other supercharacters all exist together....

The mysterious person held a small silver wand in one hand, tracing the various alien designs inscribed in it with one hand as the figureÃÂÃÂs eyes gleamed with arousal and anticipation. At one end of the "Melding Wand" was a button and at the other was two prongs. When the button was pressed, the power of the wand would meld together the two people that the two prongs pointed at, resulting in a single being that possessed a body and mind formed of the synthesis of the original "halves."

The figure was incredibly horny, thinking of the various possibilities of the device. Finally, a decision was made, and the figure headed out the door with grabbed the object and headed out the door. Who would the first target be?

Downtown, Shadowcat was engaged in a fight with the Blob. It was currently a stalemate because He couldn't hurt her phased state and she lacked the proper strength to harm his massive body. So Kitty was doing her best to stall him until the other X-Men could arrive.

As the Blob took a swing at her, Kitty quickly phased out, allowing his massive arm to pass through her body. Then the twin rays hit them, and they changed.

Whereas before there was Fred Dukes battling Kitty Pryde, now there was simply Kathy Dukes, Fatcat!

She looked like Kitty Pryde, though with the BlobÃÂÃÂs great girth. Her face was now stretched with fat cheeks that gave her a rather porcine appearance, and her huge body was adorned with two massive tits that strained against the leather jump-suit that she now wore (a variation of the BlobÃÂÃÂs costume through with a mask like Kitty's). Kathy Dukes possessed the BlobÃÂÃÂs powers of immovability and resilience, ShadowcatÃÂÃÂs phasing abilities having disappeared with her slim form.

Her mind was a combination of the two, synthesizing Kitty's intelligence and love of computers with Fred's coach-potato attitude. Kathy Dukes spent almost all her time on the Internet, visiting various chat-rooms, browsing porn sites, and hacking into the accounts of various people and places for the sheer hell of it. All the time stuffing her face with large quantities and varieties of food.

Though Kathy remember her previous existence as two people, she was perfectly happy in her new body and would resist any attempt to change her.
  1. Fatcat stumbles into the rest of the X-Men
  2. She's really hungry!
  3. She decides to investigate her melding
  4. Some other people get zapped
  5. Who is this melder anyway?

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