Superheroes release their inner freak! - The First Superhero Gets Targeted

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Superheroes release their inner freak! - The First Superhero Gets Targeted

As the alarm blared at the jewelry store, Batman swung down onto the building's roof.

The dark knight scanned the environment, noticing a figure darting behind a skylight.

"Stop!" Batman called out, his cloak flapping behind him.

"Oh, I don't need these jewels," the mysterious figure laughed. "I just wanted to draw you out, and give it a test."

"Give what a test?"


A ray suddenly hit Batman right in the chest.

"You should thank me," the figure laughed. "You've got some desire deep inside of you, something kinky and weird, that you've never dared to acknowledge. Well -- now you can!"

Batman moaned as he started to transform. It was true. He was under so much stress and obsession -- to avenge his parents' death, to become a perfect soldier in the war against crime, to keep on battling the forces of darkness forever and ever....

He dreamed of giving it all up, of becoming someone that wasn't -- could not -- be responsible for anything like. Someone with no responsibility -- just a silly feminine figure. What kind of feminine figure?
  1. Batman becomes a spoiled rich teenage brat
  2. He becomes a horny rich cougar
  3. The maid of the NEW owner of Wayne Enterprises
  4. A she-male prostitute with a former enemy as the pimp
  5. Something even weirder
  6. Who is the person with the ray anyway?

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