Wonder-MILFs and Super-Boys - Wonder Woman to Wonder-MILF

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Wonder-MILFs and Super-Boys - Wonder Woman to Wonder-MILF

Wonder Woman was with Batman and Superman at the Justice League Watchtower, keeping an eye on the monitors.rnrn"Things have been pretty quiet," Superman said.rnrn"Too quiet," Batman said. "Something is up."rnrn"Oh, can't you sometimes relax a little?" Wonder Woman laughed. "Sometimes you worry too much."rnrnSuddenly, she blinked. Her vision had gotten blurry for a moment, and now... Batman and Superman looked different.rnrnThey looked younger, slimmer, more like androgynous male models or boy-band singers than superheroes. Their clothes looked a little baggy on them.rnrn"What's happened to you?" she asked.rnrn"What's happening to you?" Superman said.rnrnWonder Woman looked down at herself, noticing her body seemed a little more voluptuous, with a truly impressive pair of tits -- and she could feel that her butt had gotten quite a bit bigger as well.rnrn"You look older, Diana," Batman said.rnrn"Older?"rnrnShe looked at herself in the reflection of a monitor. Yes, she did seem a little older. Like in her late 40s or something.rnrn"We all look different," Superman said. "What's happened? What are you going to do?"rnrnHe looked about to freak out.rnrn"Pull yourself together, Clark!" Wonder Woman said.rnrn"Yes, Diana!" rnrnShe grinned. It felt kinda good how quickly Superman -- Superboy -- jumped to obey her. Man, he had some real cute buns!rnrn"We have to figure out what's going," Diana said. "Has anyone else been changed?"
  1. Someone else in the Watchtower has changed
  2. Some people on the planet have changed as well
  3. Diana can't help staring at the nummy boys her teammates have become
  4. Batman and Superman have a hard time making decisions without Diana telling them what to do
  5. Something else

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