Regressing to the mean - Overheard in the cafeteria...

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Regressing to the mean - Overheard in the cafeteria...

Adria Kohler was your average high school witch. She had pale skin, dressed in all black, and despite being only 17 had her fair share of piercings and tattoos. She was actually fairly pretty, but ever since she learned she was a witch, boys and dating seemed a whole lot less important. She kept a small circle of close friends, outcasts and weirdos all, but none of them knew she was a witch.rnrnShe tried to use her powers as sparingly as possible -- conjuring an A+ paper here, giving a popular girl a zit there -- but she had been cautioned many times about doing anything bigger. Today, however, she was feeling a little naughty. She wanted to do something that would affect the whole school, an experiment, she told herself. Everyone at her prestigious high school thought they were so special. The popular girls thought they were pretty, the jocks thought they were tough. Even the nerds, as picked on as they were, comforted themselves with how smart they were. But what if they weren't? What if one day they woke up and everyone was just as smart and strong and pretty as them? How would they react?rnrnShe couldn't decide who to start with, so she began wandering around the cafeteria, listening to the conversations of the various social groups, hoping to hear something that would spark her interest. She decided she wanted the changes to be slow and happen over time. That would also give the person a chance to try to improve, to escape the average. But, of course, that average would keep on finding them, she chuckled to herself. Now then, who to start with?
  1. Joe Masters, a chubby nerdy boy bragging about how much smarter he is than the popular kids.
  2. Sam Jones, head cheerleader, who is forcing her friends to compliment how pretty she is.
  3. Steve Taylor, Quarterback, who's busy picking on some nerds.
  4. Leslie Faulk, a massively obese girl, chatting with her outcast friends about how much better their taste in books and movies is.
  5. Adria decides to start by messing with one of her outcast friends.
  6. Something else.
  7. Something else.

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