Mutant Dimension Travelers in the Marvel Universe - Charlie meets a strange new friend

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Mutant Dimension Travelers in the Marvel Universe - Charlie meets a strange new friend

Parent Chapter

One month has past since Charlie left the hospital.

Life in this new reality wasn't so bad. Her new parents were very kind and loving, which wasn't something Charlie was use to. Being called Christine was a challenge; but, Charlie got use to it.

Her body wasn't much different, even her face wasn't that off. But all Charlie could really think about were the people she left behind. Which led to her old habits of ignoring problems with drugs and sex. The private school boys and girls were all fresh to Charlie's game and it was fun territory for the blonde.

Well, fun isn't the best word. The girl's deeply depressed and doesn't know how to properly vent her feelings. So she hunts for dick and pussy.

Her new parents were concerned with this sketchy behavior. But they figured this phase was nothing too serious. However, a therapist wasn't a bad idea. They weren't going to lose there little girl again. There were red flags, Christine needed help.

"Look, I've done stuff like this before." Charlie crossed her arms. Thinking about the sessions Sabah forced on her with Betsy the Fat-Ass Counselor.

"I'm ignoring my pain, sex isn't the answer, drugs will only hold me back. Blah, blah, blah!" Charlie ranted at a young man with green hair. "Maybe I just like having fun, huh?"

The Therapist laughed.

"Can we just be done, Mr. Dane?"

"Please, call me Tim." Mr. Dane smiled. "Christine, I'm not here to lecture you. I wanna help you. You've been given a second chance. Believe me, I understand how that feels. People will tell you you're so lucky. But it's scary. When I was your age, I did very similar things to cope with it."

It was weird, Tim actually seemed kinda nice. But Charlie couldn't read this man's mind. Which wasn't that strange. A lot of people learned how to create mental blocks. And that really helps when you're a therapist. Regardless, it put her on edge not knowing what he was thinking.

"It's not helping, it can't help. You're only numbing the pain."

"I don't give a fuck." Charlie crossed her arms. "Look, you don't know what I'm going through."

"You're name isn't Christine Xander, it's Charlie Xavier. You're from a reality where Storm ruled most Africa under a tyrannical mutant regime. You're the clone of a Mutant Fascist and the adopted daughter of Storm. Also, she had a really fat belly and obsession with dominating men."

Charlie's eyes lit up.

"An apocalypse happened, you sacrificed yourself because the two people you cared the most for would've died. Magda, the girl you loved, and Lola, your sister."


"You're defenses are pretty weak for a Xavier." Tim smiled. "And when I say Xavier, I'm referring to you and me..."

Charlie raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorta your grandson... the details aren't important. Look, you aren't the first telepath to leave realities and you won't be the last. There's a support group I run, you don't have to attend; but trust me, it helps. You aren't alone in this."

  1. Charlie attends a support group for multidimensional travelers
  2. Storm is secretly taking over the X-Men
  3. Something else

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