Shocking Awakening in the DC Universe - Batman awakens with a shock

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Shocking Awakening in the DC Universe - Batman awakens with a shock

Bruce Wayne was sitting in his study, trying to get caught-up with all the things connected with Wayne Enterprises. He had neglected them with all his time spent as Batman, and was really getting behind.rn.rnWorking as Batman, working as Bruce Wayne. Fighting crime, managing his company. There was so much to do and it was really wearing him out.rn.rnHe rubbed his eyes, trying to focus. Bruce had been without sleep for quite a well, and found himself drifting off. It was hard to stay awake. His eyes closed....rn.rn"Bryce Wayne!"rn.rnHis eyes snapped opened.rn.rn"What are you doing? Get out of that chair immediately and get to work! Who do you think you are?"rn.rnA confused Bruce tried to say something as he leaped out of the chair, but then looked in shock at his body.rn.rnHe was shorter and more petite than he remembered, dressed in a frilly low-cut maid's outfit -- and with an impressive pair of tits that was straining against the costume.rn.rn"Bryce! Do you hear me?"
  1. The person yelling is a cross Alfred Pennyworth
  2. It is Selina Kyle
  3. It is Dick Grayson
  4. It is someone else!

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