Hades and Hera's Big Night Out - Preparations in Hades

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Hades and Hera's Big Night Out - Preparations in Hades

The Underworld is a vast plain of contrast. Depending where you are, it's either a place of eternal suffering or everlasting peace and comfort. rnrnIn the upper level, there is a palace, made entirely of birchwood, overlooking an endless community of souls.rnrn"I'm not wearing that." Hades crossed her long, slender legs at the sight of a brightly green dress that would give much attention to her firm, bubble butt. Her main concern was the color, Hades hated green. She preferred black.rnrnActually, she preferred the comforts of a robe. But her wife, Persephone, forced her into wearing something more flashy on her outing to the world of the living.rnrnA Middle-Aged Woman, with short grey hair, stout with pudgy arms and a puffy face, sighed.rnrn"Plu-Plu, if I'm waddling around Earth looking like Miley Cyrus in thirty years, than you're wearing this sexy gown."rnrnHades shook her head.rnrn"You like that form. How many times do you go to bingo, buffets, and gardening classes like that?"rnrnPersephone licked her lips, making the Goddess of the Underworld twinge with lust.rnrnAdmittedly, Hades liked her wifey having a big belly to rub. She had a thing for big gals. But Persephone was naturally a slender, tiny thing. And that was just as attractive, but It was nice seeing her less fragile now and then.rnrn"Thanks for doing this." Persephone dropped the dress on Hades lap.rnrn"Whatever."rnrnPersephone laughed.rnrnIt had been over 100 years since Hades chatted with any Olympian other than her Wife.rnrnWhich was sad, because she use to be rather close with Hera. Even if the woman never truly approved of Hades relationship with Persephone.rnrn"It's your favorite bar, on your favorite version of Earth, with your favorite Olympian that isn't me. You'll have a blast!"rnrn"We'll see."
  1. Hades favorite bar is in a standard Marvel Universe
  2. Hades favorite bar is in a standard D.C Universe
  3. A unique Marvel universe
  4. A unique D.C. Universe
  5. Something else

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