JLA: Act of Fetish - Intro

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JLA: Act of Fetish - Intro

(I'm sorry everyone. I won't spam from now on, I'll try not to. I think I screwed up pretty damn bad... so, you can delete Dash's Den. I'll put Act of Fetish in its own story.)

(That over with...)

(If you have never heard of JLA: Act of God, PLEASE look it up. This storyline will mostly focus on the lesser known characters and their escapades, but I will allow it if you want to try a big shot, just keep true to the story. (Just don't use Steel, The Atom, or Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), they ded) And as always with my interactives, if you don't know the character, IT DOES NOT MATTER. I usually make up their personalties as they go along... but if you want to stay true, fine. I may fluctuate their personalties for my purposes tho.)

Okay so the Magical Heroes have vanished thanks to the Black Light, and are currently trying to work their way out of the gutter voids. Little do they know, heroes who aren't quite the top shots are about to get into kinky trouble...

Which fetish shall we do first?
  1. Transformation/Transgender
  2. Weight Gain/Muscle Growth
  3. Inflation/Rubber
  4. Flattening
  5. Bondage
  6. More Choices!

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