The House - The House on Kingheart Road

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The House - The House on Kingheart Road

Kingheart Road was just your average street, nothing special. Until one night.

As the residents of the houses on the street slept softly in their beds, noises of clanking and squeaking could be heard. Some people woke up to the noises, and curiously looked out their windows to see... nothing.

In the morning, people stood and stared at a moderate sized house that looked very old and rickety, with wooden boards that were very dark in colour from the rain that splattered down for a few minutes that night.

Theories were shared and ideas were discussed about what could be inside. Sometime, someone had to enter this house.

And that person was...
  1. You
  2. A pair of teenagers on a dare
  3. A group of adults who are just curious
  4. Someone Else

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