A bully at Large! - A Huge favour!

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A bully at Large! - A Huge favour!

Meet Peter Cowe, a nervy sixteen year lad who had a terrible life as far as being victimised was concerned. That concern turns on this bully named, Deston Saddison. He's a same age as him, but shorter by an inch only at 5'6 but better looking build on his weight than Peter in particular which you can tell why Deston had bullying his favourite victim ever since he first met when they were eight years of age. But this day was one of these days when Peter was approaching towards his locker, where he was caught on his right shoulder by who knows who and a voice spoke out as usual which Peter felt awful about it.

"Hello, moron! Just a person I was looking for?" That voice was Deston when he sends Peter bang against the wall of lockers to have a brief talk to him.

"Wh...what do you want now, Deston? Peter asked absolute helpless from being restrained before he continued on asking again, "Can't you see I'm busy with things rather than you just this once?" But Deston laughed and replies with a smirk on his face to give his explanation on why he needed him.

"I know that, since you always told me every time you see your favourite bully around here, and I need a big favour which I need you to work on for me." Deston said, whilst Peter May have nowhere to go, otherwise he would get beat up big time and wouldn't take an answer no. So he sighed and replies with a down looking face he feels the worst.

"Yes, what is it now, Deston." He asked in a moaning tone that made Deston burst a bit of laughter, but calmed down when he reveals him on what he needed for.

"I want you to take me to the chemistry room and....
  1. ...make me taller then ever!"
  2. ...make me fatter than ever!"
  3. ...make me Taller and fatter!"
  4. ...make youself smaller for me!"

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