War of Heroes - Morgan Le Fay the Babysitter

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War of Heroes - Morgan Le Fay the Babysitter

It was a lovely day in her grim castle domain, till a muscular grey skinned man showed up asking for a favor.

Morgan didn't have much of a choice when the Multiverse God known ironically as Apocalypse asked her to watch his adopted child.

Morgan has seen many beings throughout the cosmos she'd never think twice about, but the Kindhearted Nuri was one of the few beings she secretly found intimidating. Especially since he was in a weird relationship with the two most powerful versions of Loki and Mephisto.

"I'm bored!" The purple skinned girl with long blue hair whined on Morgan's sofa. "I wanna watch Game of Throwns!"

Morgan sighed.

"I have no idea what that is."

The girl raised an eyebrow.

"You never heard of Game of Throwns?"

Morgan shook her head.

As the girl explained it, Morgan started to laughed.

"Child, I can give you something far more entertaining than that dribble!"
  1. Morgan creates two Mutant Kingdoms at war with each other
  2. X-Men Kingdom vs an Avenger Kingdom
  3. Marvel Kingdom vs DC
  4. Justice League vs Avengers and mutants are slaves
  5. Something else

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