The Hellfire Club - The White Queen

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The Hellfire Club - The White Queen

Emma Frost didn't particularly like working for the club, especially when the higher-ups (mostly just Sebastian) treated her like shit. But there were a few perks to being the White Queen. One of them was keeping the other girls in line.

It was a late night (or early morning) and Emma was talking to the girls in the large dressing room. A few were missing, doing their job presumably, but the bulk of the Hellfire hookers were in attendance. Secretly, Emma rather admired the female form and regularly masturbated to thoughts of the women eating her out...of course, Sebastian Shaw would have none of it. Emma was the plaything of the men of the inner circle. Every weekend, her pussy was getting rammed just as much as the low-level hookers.

"We're running a brothel, girls," Emma chided. "Not a burlesque show. You fuck them - not just shake your tits in their faces."

One of the new girls, a thin redhead with promising hips (if fed enough), blushed a deep red. Emma grinned like a cat.

"Does that make you uncomfortable, girl?" Emma asked the redhead. She looked to be in her early twenties - her face still youthful and her lips plump. Emma preferred curvy women, but perhaps she could make a fine specimen out of this one...maybe even coerce her into having sex?

"Uh, no ma'am. I'm sorry it's just that...some men only want a lap dance."

Emma snorted. "Then they're lying. They pay the club's fee so they get as much pussy as they want. If you dance with them, you sleep with them. That's the rule. What's your name, girl?"

"J-Jean. Jean Grey," the girl said softly. Her tiny breasts were pushed up in a leather bustier and her pale legs were left exposed beneath her black thong. Emma could see the hint of a swell at her hips and it excited her immensely.

"Well, Jean Grey, you're going to be on a very special man's list tonight. I don't like it when hookers talk back to me, alright?"

Jean nodded. "I'm sorry, Ms. Frost."

"You should be. Now go get to your client."
  1. Emma returns to the inner circle room
  2. Jean meets with her special client
  3. Some of the other girls gossip
  4. Emma gets a call from an ex
  5. something else

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