M-Men - Magda Maximoff's Institute for Gifted Youngsters

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M-Men - Magda Maximoff's Institute for Gifted Youngsters


A redhead girl sat in the middle of a large funeral. Victor Von Doom was to her left, and Magda Maximoff was at her right.

There was an intense storm of emotional pain. Friends were dead, family, people who died an untimely cruel demise by the hands of an innocent child!

"It's alright." Magda put her arms around Jean. "No one blames you, sweetheart. Please, remember that."

Victor Von Doom had started a program for the world's finest young scientists. For five years, it had been a success. Their accomplishments with technology had pushed humanity further than ever imagined possible!

They already had the Internet, which they called the Doomnet! They were even beginning to colonize the moon! They even had hover cars! Just really expensive for the general public!

Life was going so well.

But now Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, Henry Pym, Tony Stark, Hank McCoy, Norman Osborn, Harley Quinn, Pam Isley, Stanford Pines, Simon Petrikov, Rick Sanchez, and Hubert J. Farnsworth are dead.

Combined, their brilliance shaped the world to a new era of genius!

But then the Phoenix burned them all to dust.

It started to rain during the middle of the ceremony.

Jean could sense Stark's lover, Stevie Rogers, glaring at her with a look of pure hate.

It wasn't her fault this happened. She was just a little girl!

And Magda did her best to comfort the child, but it didn't help. She could remember everything that happened that day!
Victor Von Doom and Doctor Strange never stepped foot on Xavier's Mansion till now.

Charles hadn't been home for quite some time, he had a lot of bad memories here. He saw Doom's Tower in Manhattan his home.

But recently, he had plans to start a school for Mutant children.

It's sad he never got to see it proceed past his dreams and into reality.

"Magda, I don't think this is wise." Steven said firmly in Magda's new office.

"What do you expect us to do with her, chain her up like a monster?" Magda scoffed.

"Magda, she killed your husband."

"No, The Phoenix killed Charles." Victor corrected. "Jean is just as much a victim as anyone dead."

Steven shook his head.

"You'll endanger us all, we should be working on a way to removed the Phoenix, not to make Jean stronger!"

"We want Jean stronger so she can control it." Magda said firmly. "You heard Farnsworth, aggression can't solve this situation. He was right...look what happened, Steven. A lot of our friends are dead now."

"I'll be financing this venture, obviously." Victor pointed out. "Magda will run the school and you'll train the M-Men."

"The M-Men?" Magda raised an eyebrow.

All Magda wanted was a simple life with Charles, a nice house in the suburbs with a bunch of kids. But now, she's running his school.

"The Maximoff Men, the team made to keep Jean in check discretely."

"Yeah, we're definitely not poking the bear with that choice!" Steven rolled his eyes. "You really don't think Jean will be fine with people around just to keep her in place?"

"This will work, Strange." Magda assured the Sorcerer Supreme. "Jean deserves this chance to live a normal life."

"Well, relatively normal." Victor smiled.

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  2. Jean has a chat with the Phoenix in her sleep
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