The Bimbofication of Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonika (Sonic)

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The Bimbofication of Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonika (Sonic)

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"SONIC! YOU WILL BE THE FIRST VICTIM!" Robotic yelled as he smashed the pink button.
"WHAT!?" Sonic exclaimed as a long pink beam was absorbed into him. Sonic's blue fur became a platinum blonde as his eyes grew eyelashes. His shoes became pink 5 inch high heels. His waist pinched in creating an hourglass figure. Sonic lost his manhood as his penis became a vagina. Her chest started to build up into DD Cup Breasts. Her IQ dropped to 69 as she became very horny.

"Robotnik, what did you, like, totally do to me?" Sonika said as her eyson looked down at her pants. The changes were not over yet. Sonika's age jumped to 18. The rest of her friends stood in fear.

"Robotnik, like, fuck me, I am SO Horny!" Sonika said as she started to suck Robotnik's dick.

Robotnik thought it was time to changer someone else.

  1. Tailsika (Tails)
  2. Nipples (Knuckles)
  3. Amelia (Amy)
  4. Someone else

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