Secret Empire - Riri

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Secret Empire - Riri

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The guards haul the wannabe Iron Woman away from the rest of the group, taking her to a nondescript chamber marked as "Re-education." She is sat at a table and shackled in by her hands and feet as a Hydra official sits opposite the long table from her. For a long while, the man evaluates an info dossier on the girl, occasionally glancing up at Riri. After about 13 minutes, the man appears to have decided what to do with her. He stands up, hitting a button that releases the shackles around her feet. Two guards immediately grab her shoulders, dragging her behind the man to another chamber. But which chamber?

  1. Refitting - Riri will be fused to her armour and used as a drone
  2. Reprogramming - Riri will be turned into a Hydra scientist
  3. Regression - Riri will be sapped of her intelligence and become an average teen
  4. Something Else

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